Welcome to our Pupil Awards

GEM Awards

Gem awards are awarded to children who have shown perseverance and a fantastic Growth Mindset. A huge well done to the following children who are our Summer 1 term winners!

Weekly Merits

Every week, teachers will nominate two children from their class who they feel have worked hard or made an impressive improvement in a specific curriculum subject.  

PSHE (5th November)

Reception 1 Florence & Jamie-Leigh
Reception 2 Noah R & Inder Singh
1L Lucas & Anastasia
1R Rogan & Maiya
2L Lawiy & Noah
2R Sofie & Lateefah
3L Gracie & Macey
3R Niveen & Mollie-Mae
4L Anmol & Nicky
4R Jonathan & Riley
5L Jayden & Suryansh
5R Simar & Harry S
6L Sophie & Cera
6R Jagmeet & Freya

R.E (12th November)

Reception 1 Tia & Bobby
Reception 2 Jaden & Taira-Mae
1L Kenna & Oakley
1R Maci & Mohamad
2L Eden & Scarlett
2R Aicasio & Akira
3L Lily & Margachi
3R Harvey & Darija
4L Dhiaan & Harrison
4R Lily-Mae & Elsie
5L Harvey & Evie
5R Harsimear & Simar
6L Henry & Rose
6R Jessica & Megan
Moonbeam Hub Shahmeer & Waris

D.T (19th November)

Reception 1 Arham & Terman
Reception 2 Noah & April
1L Jake & Scarlett
1R Sadie & Aaron
2L Jaden & Jaycee
2R Ava & Ted
3L Gracie & Krae
3R Darcey & Zak
4L Bobby & Leah
4R Stanlee & William
5L Kymarni & Srinita
5R Kyoni & Anmol
6L Amelia & Lily-Rose
6R Paighton & Jax

P.E (26th November)

Reception 1 Tia & Henrik
Reception 2 Levannah & Aaryan
1L Waris & Muhammad
1R Jayden & Tegan
2L Huhan & Louis
2R Akira & Elliott
3L Macey & Alexis
3R Ava & Leo
4L Aryan & Jenna
4R Stanlee & Harry
5L Isabelle & Jake
5R Shae & Naomi
6L Lincoln Jnr & Missie
6R Jake & Ruby

Maths (3 December)

Who will be our winners this week?

I.C.T (10th December)

Who will be our winners this week?

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