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What is phonics?

Phonics is one of the ways children are taught to read at Causeway Green Primary School.  Phonics is the knowledge of letters and the sounds that they make.  At Causeway Green, we use the Letters and Sounds programme to teach phonics which is introduced in Nursery.  The children are taught the skills of blending sounds together to read words, segmenting the sounds in a word and choosing the correct letters needed to spell and write it.

High-quality phonic teaching secures the crucial skills of word recognition that, once mastered, enable children to read fluently and automatically. Children need to acquire secure and automatic decoding skills and progress from ‘learning to read’ to ‘reading to learn’ for purpose and pleasure.

How we teach phonics at Causeway Green Primary School?

Children in nursery will begin on phase one from the Letters and Sounds programme.  During phase one a lot of pre-phonic skills are developed.  This would include sounds discrimination, oral blending and segmenting, rhyme, listening and attention skills.  Most children are ready for phase two by the time they start Reception.

Children are allocated reading books based on their phonics levels, alongside their usual book band.

At the end of year one a phonics check is undertaken which is a national requirement.

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