Our aim is to help everybody live in a more sustainable way.  What does that mean?  We need to live in a way that looks after our planet, so that it is still a good place to live for us and all the people who will live after us!

Our Eco councillors have worked on producing an ECO CODE that is displayed around school and every class has been asked to pledge to keep it both in and out of school.  We meet every Monday morning where we make suggestions and decisions as well as being involved in projects that the council runs.

We represent the aims of the whole school to improve Causeway Green Primary's sustainability by reducing its energy use and increasing the amount of recycling carried out.

We Aim To:

  • Help others to follow our ECO CODE such as putting litter in the bin, turning off taps and lights.
  • Monitor our energy use in school and encourage teachers and children to recycle.

Welcome to our Eco Councillors

2L - Karolina 3L - Tilly 4L - Reeko 5L - Evie 6L - Henry
2R - Lateefah 3R - Orla 4R - Luke 5R - Tia 6R - Madison D
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