Our aim is to help everybody live in a more sustainable way.  What does that mean?  We need to live in a way that looks after our planet, so that it is still a good place to live for us and all the people who will live after us!

Our Eco councillors have worked on producing an ECO CODE that is displayed around school and every class has been asked to pledge to keep it both in and out of school.  We meet every Monday morning where we make suggestions and decisions as well as being involved in projects that the council runs.

We represent the aims of the whole school to improve Causeway Green Primary's sustainability by reducing its energy use and increasing the amount of recycling carried out.

We Aim To:

  • Help others to follow our ECO CODE such as putting litter in the bin, turning off taps and lights.
  • Monitor our energy use in school and encourage teachers and children to recycle.

Our Eco Councillors will be announced shortly...

"Using our growth mindset because we didn't give up when we planted seeds when they didn't grow. Then, when we planted trees it was really hard because we had to keep digging the holes" - Luke

"We have achieved spreading the message to protect the environment through our school. We have planted things to encourage people to grow things. When they come to school they see the flowers and trees that we have planted" - Evie

"We have recycled lots of batteries. We have saved them from landfill. The Eco Council asked their classes for some and the teachers brought some in too. We achieved a lot by asking year two because they brought the most in." - Tilly

"We were good role models. When I went home I saw lots of trash, I picked it up and recycled it. We talked to our friends about recycling and not dropping trash." - Lateefah

"We took our recycling boxes to our classroom. We talked to our class about recycling. We tried our best to get as many batteries into the box to recycle." - Karolina

"We made other people want to recycle by being a good role model. I talked about saving animals. I told my friends that we should clean up our rubbish so that animals wouldn't get stuck or try to eat it." - Orla

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