As Digital Leaders, we explore the issues surrounding online safety and what we can do as a school to improve the safety of everyone on the internet.  The Digital Leaders gather ideas and issues from their peers to share in meetings once every half term which we then formulate into ideas to improve the quality of computing across the school.

We Aim To:

  • Discuss issues surrounding online safety.
  • Implement strategies to improve online safety.
  • Discuss the teaching of computing in school.
  • Implement strategies to improve the teaching of computing in school.

Welcome to our Digital Councillors

1L - Lateefah 4L - Lekeisha
1R - Eden 4R - Amber
2L - Amelia 5L - Jessica
2R - Jazleen 5R - Charlie
3L - Sophia-Rose 6L - Richard
3R - Alesha 6R - Georgie
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