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At Causeway Green we enjoy a creative cross-curricular learning experience. We progressively build on skills, develop knowledge and understanding of the world through key concepts by following the national curriculum.

Each subject is led by a teacher who ensures expert knowledge is taught fluently in school through appropriate discussions, building on previous lessons and using termly assessments. This then helps the pupils embed the skills and concepts they have learnt in their long-term memory.

By talking to pupils, looking in their books, attending stunning starts or fantastic finishes and becoming immersed in our classroom environments you will be able to witness first- hand how our curriculum forms the core of school life.

Within each subject led topic, every year’s teaching is informed by several discrete key concepts, aimed at maximising pupils’ individual ability to transfer knowledge across the curriculum. Quality texts based on the topic enhance the children’s understanding and enjoyment. The optimum combination of the skills, knowledge and key concepts taught on a daily basis enables pupils to fulfil their potential, make excellent progress and develop their life long skills and aspirations to meet the challenges of the future.

If you require any further information on the curriculum, please see the subject leader.

At Causeway Green all children in EYFS and KS1 have a daily phonics session. We teach according to the Letters and Sounds document in order to support this crucial element of reading and writing in a systematic and consistent way. To further support our pupils Kinesthetic learning we use Jolly Phonics rhymes and actions when teaching early letter sounds. Some children in Key Stage 2 may also benefit from daily phonics sessions to support their development of reading skills and we utilise the Letters and Sounds programme in order to ensure a consistent approach across the school.

Curriculum Rationale

Strong relationships between our staff, pupils and parents has resulted in us having a holistic understanding of our children. This enables us to teach the knowledge within the national curriculum in a highly engaging way which:

  • is broad and balanced
  • builds on prior learning
  • promotes a love of language and literacy
  • embeds basic skills
  • develops transferable skills
  • celebrates individual strengths
  • develops links between subjects and the world we live in
  • prepares pupils for a happy, healthy, fulfilling future in modern Britain
Autumn Spring Summer
Nursery We Are Family! - what makes a family? I've Got a Spring in My Toe - what new life can we find? Traditional Tales - who's been eating my porridge?
People Who Help Us - how can we stay safe?
Reception You've Got A Friend in Me - what makes a good friend? Me and My World - what is out there? Commotion in the Ocean - how many fish are in the sea?
Sparkles and Celebrations - can you come to my party? Once Upon a Time - do all heroes need a sword?
Year 1 Marvellous Me - who are we? Life on the Farm - why do we need a farm? London's Burning - was it an accident?
Year 2 Animals Around the World - have you ever seen a Polar Bear in Oldbury? Food Glorious Food - can I grow a pineapple? Terrific Transport - can we build a rocket?
Remember Me - why are people remembered?
Year 3 Violent Volcanoes - why do volcanoes erupt? Savage Stone Age - can you catch a mammoth? Revolting Romans - what did the Romans do for us?
Year 4 Anglo Saxons and Scots Vicious Vikings - were the Vikings really vicious? The Black Country - why is it called the Black Country?
Year 5 Groovy Greeks - what did the Greeks ever do for us? Menacing Mayans - how are humans sacrificed? Raging River - where does it go when you flush a poo?
Year 6 Time Lords - how long ago and how far away? Britain at War - what was life like as a child? Business Enterprise Cafe Project - how do you balance the books?
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