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Autumn Spring Summer
Nursery We Are Family! - what makes a family? I've Got a Spring in My Toe - what new life can we find? Traditional Tales - who's been eating my porridge?
People Who Help Us - how can we stay safe?
Reception You've Got A Friend in Me - what makes a good friend? Me and My World - what is out there? Commotion in the Ocean - how many fish are in the sea?
Sparkles and Celebrations - can you come to my party? Once Upon a Time - do all heroes need a sword?
Year 1 Marvellous Me - who are we? Life on the Farm - why do we need a farm? London's Burning - was it an accident?
Year 2 Animals Around the World - have you ever seen a Polar Bear in Oldbury? Food Glorious Food - can I grow a pineapple? Terrific Transport - can we build a rocket?
Remember Me - why are people remembered?
Year 3 Violent Volcanoes - why do volcanoes erupt? Savage Stone Age - can you catch a mammoth? Revolting Romans - what did the Romans do for us?
Year 4 Anglo Saxons and Scots - What can we unearth Sutton Hoo? Vicious Vikings - were the Vikings really vicious? The Black Country - why is it called the Black Country?
Year 5 Groovy Greeks - what did the Greeks ever do for us? Menacing Mayans - how are humans sacrificed? Raging River - where does it go when you flush a poo?
Year 6 Time Lords - how long ago and how far away? Britain at War - what was life like as a child? Business Enterprise Cafe Project - how do you balance the books?
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