Ms Z Clemmet & Miss G Assi - Afterschool Club Managers

The out of hours contact number is 07934 922168

We aim to provide convenient high quality childcare provision for working parents as well as providing a range of extra-curricular activities for all pupils.  By encouraging extra-curriculum activities, we intend to:

  • Enable children to sample from a range of activities and pursuits that will help them choose leisure activities for adult life
  • Enable children to have fun and enjoy a broad range of activities
  • Enable children to extend their enjoyment of particular areas of learning through more indepth study and activity
  • Encouraging children to develop friendships between age groups and work together cooperatively.

The club is managed by school staff.  Additional school staff may support as necessary.  This club runs from 3.30pm to 5.30pm, term time only (pre booked and paid via ParentMail on a termly basis).  Entry and exit will be by the main reception area.

3.30pm - 5.30pm including snacks = £9 (for example toast, fruit and milk and water)

Each day children take part in different activities.  Staff will always have a planned activity that children can take part in should they wish to, but free choice is encouraged at all times.  Outdoor play is encouraged.

Late Fees

Up to and including the first 15 minutes - £5 late collection charge.

After 15 minutes and up to 30 minutes - £10 late collection charge.

After 30 minutes the non-collected children policy will be followed.  If we cannot contact a family member this involves contacting police and social services.

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