Quality of Education

Target 2020/2021 GLD CLL Phonics Reading Writing Maths SPaG Science
Early Years Foundation 70% 80% 73% 72% 75%
Key Stage 1 82% 75%/20% 73%/15% 76%/18%
Key Stage 2 83%/26% 79%/19% 83%/27% 82%/31% 82%
  • Raise attainment across the school at exp+ and GD in English: Re/Wr/GPS (particularly boys, PP pupils)
  • Increase progress across KS2 with a focus on MPAG pupils
  • Improve outcomes for SEN support pupils through improved assessment and provision
  • Further develop a strategic view of the whole curriculum for all staff and governors (intent, implementation and impact)
  • Further develop the broad and balanced curriculum so that it meets the requirements of the Ofsted School Inspection Framework (Recovery and reconnection curriculum post COVID-19)
  • Improve teaching through increased teacher subject expertise and pedagogical knowledge with a focus on English
  • Further develop a remote learning strategy
  • An ambitious curriculum enables pupils to challenge themselves

Leadership and Management

  • Further develop an ambitious vision for high quality education through harnessing leadership potential at all levels
  • Further refine safeguarding
  • Continue to develop the school as a hub for learning for the whole community
  • Promote and support the mental health of all staff


  • Ensure that the majority of pupils leave Reception at the expected phonics level (stage 4)
  • Outcomes in EYFS at national for GLD at exp and exceeding (particularly focus PP and boys)
  • Improve outcomes in CLL, Lit, Maths and UTW so that outcomes are closer to national through the provision of an improved outdoor environment
  • Challenge for more able leading to more pupils reaching exceeding

Behaviour and Attitudes

  • Attendance figures in line with national focus on PP post COVID
  • Further improve punctuality (PP)
  • Sustain positive attitudes, behaviour and attendance through the new 'Rainbow' award

Personal Development

  • Improve the provision for mental health and well-being: achievement of the Mental Health Charter
  • Sustain opportunities for pupils to become school leaders
  • Develop the understanding of the values required for character education
  • Introduce new SRE curriculum
  • Through the teaching of British Values further develop pupils' knowledge and understanding of cultures and beliefs other than their own
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