The Strategic Improvement Plan (SIP) is a one-year plan, and a three-year overview. The aims of the Strategic Improvement Plan are to raise standards, address OFSTED issues and accelerate progress through improving learning and teaching, the conditions for learning and the school as a professional learning community. This plan incorporates the views gathered from children, parents, learning support workers, teachers, senior leaders, governors and the regular monitoring visits of the local authority/sponsors and builds upon the progress made in previous years.

The School Improvement Plan has been organised into six catagories:

  • the quality of education (including EYFS)
  • behaviour and attitudes
  • personal development
  • the quality of education (intent & implementation)
  • leadership and management
  • learning environment

Quality of Education

Target 2020/2021 GLD CLL Phonics Reading Writing Maths SPaG Science
Early Years Foundation 70% 80% 73% 72% 75%
Key Stage 1 82% 75%/18% 69%/9% 75%/15%
Key Stage 2 %/26% 79%/19% 85%/33% 82%/31% 82%
  • Raise attainment across the school at exp+ and GD in English: Re/Wr/GPS (particularly boys, PP and MPAG pupils)
  • Improve outcomes for SEN support pupils through improved assessment and provision
  • Further develop a strategic view of the whole curriculum for all staff and governors (intent, implementation and impact)
  • Further develop the broad and balanced curriculum so that it meets the requirements of the Ofsted School Inspection Framework (Recovery and reconnection curriculum post COVID-19)
  • Improve teaching through increased teacher subject expertise and pedagogical knowledge with a focus on English
  • Further develop a remote learning strategy
  • Ensure curriculum is ambitious for all groups, increased challenge

Leadership and Management

  • Further develop an ambitious vision for high quality education through harnessing leadership potential at all levels
  • Further refine safeguarding
  • Continue to develop the school as a hub for learning for the whole community
  • Promote and support the mental health of all staff


  • Ensure that the majority of pupils leave Reception at the expected phonics level (stage 4)
  • Outcomes in EYFS at national for GLD at exp and exceeding (particularly focus PP and boys)
  • Improve outcomes in CLL, Lit, Maths and UTW so that outcomes are closer to national through the provision of an improved outdoor environment
  • Challenge for more able leading to more pupils reaching exceeding

Behaviour and Attitudes

  • Attendance figures in line with national focus on PP post COVID
  • Further improve punctuality (PP)
  • Sustain positive attitudes, behaviour and attendance through the new 'Rainbow' award

Personal Development

  • Improve the provision for mental health and well-being: achievement of the Mental Health Charter
  • Sustain opportunities for pupils to become school leaders
  • Develop the understanding of the values required for character education
  • Introduce new SRE curriculum
  • Through the teaching of British Values further develop pupils' knowledge and understanding of cultures and beliefs other than their own
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