Welcome to our Pupil Awards

GEM Awards

Well done to the following children who received a GEM award last term.  GEM cards are given out for helping friends to achieve their best, for never giving in and showing RESPECT (Resilience, Empathy, Self-care, Positivity, Excellence, Communication and Teamwork).

Weekly Merits

Every week, teachers will nominate two children from their class who they feel have worked hard or made an impressive improvement in a specific curriculum subject.  

Curriculum Champions

A huge well done to the following children who were nominated by class teacher as last term's Curriculum Champions...

Class Name Subject
1L Edward Reading
Aria PE
1R Aaron Maths
Amelia Reading
2L Riveiya Maths
Teshon Reading
2R Ted Maths
Sophie Writing
3L Alexis Reading
Krae History
3R Anandpreet Maths
Olivia English
4L Evangeline Science
Leah History
4R Zara Maths
Leah History
5L Bright Writing
Sophia PHSE
5R Olivia Science
Harsimear Humanities
6L Rose History
Lewis Art
6R Freya Reading
Jessica PE
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