Summer Term Awards

GEM Awards

Gem awards are awarded to children who have shown perseverance and a fantastic Growth Mindset. A huge well done to the following children who are our Summer 1 term winners!

Weekly Merits

Every week, teachers will nominate two children from their class who they feel have worked hard or made an impressive improvement in a specific curriculum subject.  This week, the following children have been awarded for their PSHE and Online Safety work:

1L - Aria & Esmee 4L - Nina & Sophia-Rose
1R - Marnie & Kian 4R - Fae & Mia T
2L - Caleb & Grace 5L - Shawn & Anaya
2R - Maryam & Abigail 5R - Javari & Joshua
3L - Elijah & Christopher 6L - Lewis & Tyler
3R - Toluwani & Olivia 6R - Madison F & Sana
Moonbeam Hub - Tyler
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