Causeway Green's rationale for changes to the curriculum- post school closure

This document is to be read in conjunction with our curriculum rationale

  • To support pupils after the coronavirus absence. We need to recognise what has happened and the potential attachment issues for our younger children. We cannot move straight into the curriculum, we need to find balance and accept what has happened.
  • Mental health and well-being will be a priority for our children along with rebuilding their relationships with staff and peers.
  • Basic transferable skills will be prioritised and our broad and balanced curriculum will continue.
  • The first three weeks in September will be focused on the following:
  • Week 1: Routines/ Basic skills
  • Week 2: Happy healthy me week/ Basic skills
  • Week 3: 'The Arts' week/ Basic skills
  • Phonics teaching for Year 1 will begin immediately with a focus on precise teaching of phase 4. These sessions will form part of English lessons/ guided reading sessions and will use our high quality phonics based texts during this period. Staff will also have the use of 'phonics friendly big books' to share with pupils, enabling them to model blending and segmenting. Teachers will plan for additional phonics games to be incorporated into their English lessons as part of the pupil's transition from Early Years into Year 1.
  • As we teach a skills based curriculum we are able to transfer skills from one year group to another. In order to cover the context of the subject which children have missed, for example 'London's Burning' Teachers will carry over the high quality texts based on these subjects as part of their daily reading to their classes. Some topics from the summer term will not be taught explicitly, instead the skills will be transferred to Autumn/ Spring 2020.
  • We will be ensuring that the teaching that takes place is as powerful as it possibly can be.
  • We recognise that Science will need to be caught up as some topics and skills will not be taught until potentially the next key stage. Where this has been the case we have moved those topics into the next year group.
  • Aspects of SRHE will be taught in the Autumn term (in particular Year 6) where a catch up week is imperative to teach the knowledge of puberty which those pupils missed in Year 5.
  • Assessment processes have been altered in order to have a clear baseline of pupil's knowledge and understanding. This will take place at the end of November in order for pupils to settle back into school whilst we focus on their well-being and mental health.
  • Christmas activities will be scaled down due to the increased risk of infection which will enable more teaching time for pupils.
  • Unfortunately, there will be no singing taking place due to the increase in transmission which this causes. Instead of two singing assemblies, these will be replaced with direct teaching of music to two additional classes.
  • Swimming sessions will not be able to follow our usual termly organisation due to pools not being open. We plan for Year 3 pupils to attend swimming in the spring term and Year 6 to attend in the summer term. Year 6 do not usually swim as part of our 'normal organisation' however, as they missed their swim sessions due to Covid 19 and due to the fact they have not swam since Year 3 we feel that this is important for their personal development.
  • We will have a reduced curriculum enrichment programme for the academic year unless baseline data shows that this is not necessary. In the first instance this will be reduced down to an additional focus on 'The Arts', 'Happy, healthy me', Anti-bullying week, Online safety focus weeks and World Book week. We will continue with our monthly themed 'inspirational people of the month' assembly to highlight the work of important people in history and of the modern world. There will also be a continuation of the 'Growth mindset book of the month' to ensure that pupils remember that they have the possibility to be whomever they would like and to reach their dreams if they work hard enough.
  • The Causeway Green retrieval booklet will be used from Autumn 2 to ensure that pupils have adequate opportunities to retrieve key facts and knowledge but also to follow up and gaps in knowledge. This is a booklet which includes questions from Nursery- Year 6 in every subject that we teach.

This rationale has been written in conjunction with guidance from the most recent research and robust evidence from the following sources:

'Build back better', Professor John Hattie, June 2020

'Balancing the curriculum'. Mary Myatt, June 2020

'The recovery curriculum', The National College, June 2020

'A resilience and coping framework for supporting transitions back to school' The British Psychological society, July 2020

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