What is Mindset?

A mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations.  Its also a set of beliefs or a way of thinking that determines one's behaviour, outlook and mental attitude.

Do you believe that anything could be possible and that you can grow your intelligence through effort?  Or do you believe that what you are born with is the intelligence that you will have for life?  Scientists have proven that our intelligence is not fixed.

There are two types of Growth Mindset

Fixed Mindset - Intelligence is fixed

  • Avoids or fears challenges. Gives up when things are tough.
  • Make excuses.
  • Won't try so they won't fail.
  • Refuses to learn from mistakes.

Growth Mindset - Intelligence can be developed

  • Embraces challenges without fear.
  • Keeps trying in the tough times.
  • Remembers success.
  • Learns from mistakes.
  • Listens to feedback.

Growth Mindset

  • I can learn anything I want to
  • When I'm frustrated, I persevere
  • I want to challenge myself
  • When I fail, I learn
  • I learn from criticism and follow advice
  • I like to be told that I'm trying hard
  • If you succeed, I'm inspired
  • My effort and attitude determine everything

In school we will using lots of techniques to help grow your children’s mindsets.  

  • "Well done you are learning to..."
  • "Well done you are getting better at.... "
  • "What can you learn from your mistake?"
  • "What have you learnt that will change what you do next time?"
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