At Causeway Green we enjoy a creative cross-curricular learning experience. We progressively build on skills, develop knowledge and understanding of the world through key concepts by following the national curriculum.

Each subject is led by a teacher who ensures expert knowledge is taught fluently in school through appropriate discussions, building on previous lessons and using termly assessments. This then helps the pupils embed the skills and concepts they have learnt in their long-term memory.

By talking to pupils, looking in their books, attending stunning starts or fantastic finishes and becoming immersed in our classroom environments you will be able to witness first- hand how our curriculum forms the core of school life.

Within each subject led topic, every year’s teaching is informed by several discrete key concepts, aimed at maximising pupils’ individual ability to transfer knowledge across the curriculum. Quality texts based on the topic enhance the children’s understanding and enjoyment. The optimum combination of the skills, knowledge and key concepts taught on a daily basis enables pupils to fulfil their potential, make excellent progress and develop their life long skills and aspirations to meet the challenges of the future.

If you require any information on the curriculum, please see the subject leader.

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