We promote good behaviour in order to ensure that effective learning can take place and that children are happy and safe.  Clear rules, rewards and consequences are established and are displayed and implemented in all classrooms.  The emphasis is on positive re-enforcement, praise and rewards for children who follow the rules and work and behave well.

We support behaviour in the following ways:

  • a carefully planned curriculum
  • effective classroom management
  • adult role modelling
  • whole school behaviour policy
  • playtime and lunchtime provision
  • personalised programme / support from outside agencies

We aim to:

  • encourage a calm, purposeful and happy atmosphere
  • ensure that all children clearly understand the behaviour expected from them
  • ensure that positive behaviour is rewarded and consequences for inappropriate behaviour are fair
  • encourage children to be responsible for their own behaviour
  • provide clear guidelines and a consistent approach
  • make boundaries of acceptance behaviour clear and ensure safety

Our "Good to be Green" system is the main positive whole school reward system used in school.  Children are rewarded for positive behaviour such as being ready to learn, listening well, following instructions first time, helping others, perserverence, demonstrating respect and good manners.

All children start in the green zone every morning.  If a child receives a verbal warning, they may be issued with a yellow card.  If the unacceptable behaviour continues, a red card may be issued.

If a child has no yellow or red cards issued at the end of the term, they will be invited to a "Good to be Green" party which includes various fun activities and rewards.

Please go to "Policies" to see our Behaviour Policy

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